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FERTILE GROUND | gonimo edafos

Fertile Ground (Gonimo Edafos) is a sustainable cultural development program for cultural and/or historical importance public spaces that aims:

a. to activate and engage local community and visitors to participate in the area's cultural development

b. to co-create a sustainable cultural vision for the region with the participation of citizens and the local Municipality

c. to furthur train and support public and municipal officials, institutions, local groups and cultural professionals in matters of sustainable development, accessibility, cultural production and cross-sectoral collaborations in the field of culture.

Fertile Ground was designed and developed by COMM'ON and Lipasmata Park (Polychoros Lipasmaton Drapetsonas) with the support of KDBM II Keratsiniou - Drapetsonas .

The program was under the auspice and funding of the Greek Ministry of Culture.


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Fertile Ground

project results

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lipasmata park

In June 2022, COMM'ON moderated an online conversation around the strategic development of Lipasmata Park between Christos Vrettakos (Mayor of Keratsini-Drapetsona), Stavroula Syrakou (President of KDVM II & Culture, Sports and Education Municipal Advisor), Vasilis Tsiggeris (Vice Mayor & Vice President of KDVM II) and Theodora Kritikou (Municipal Director for Envitonmental Issues).

program activities

Screenshot 2023-11-15 at 2.58.45 PM.png

/Lipasmata park digital PLATFORM

The second phase (2023) of Fertile Ground focuses in the implementation of specific activities that answer needs and suggestions conserning infastruction and content of the Park. First stop of these process was to create the digital platform

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