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Podcast series "labor park"

In January 2024 COMM'ON in collaboration with Lipasmata Park premiered the Podcast Series "Labor Park" that presents the history of the former Fertilizer's factory in Drapetsona and the stories of people who worked and lived in the area.

The Podcast series is part of the ongoing program "Fertile Ground" that COMM'ON co-designed and co-develops in collaboration with KDVM II Keratsiniou-Drapetsonas and the Municipality of Keratsini-Drapetsona.

The series "Labour Park" is a 6 episode audio documentary that sheds light on the history of Fertilizer's Factory, a story full of social battles, defeats and victories, with the city of Drapetsona in Piraeus as a backdrop.

In each episode researchers, local residents, former workers and local authorities share stories behind the rise and fall of the factory, the silent years of its abandonment and the long struggles that led to today to the public communal park of Lipasmata.

The creation of this podcast series relates to a common need that was "pointing out" during the co-development of Lipasmata Park's longterm vision with the participation of more that 2.000 visitors back in 2021.

The need was around visitors knowledge and need to know more on the area's history.

41% of the Park's visitors had small or no knowledge about the historic development of the former industial area and 92% wanted to learn more and/or participate in activities and events relared to the Park's history.

All episodes are available in Polychoros Lipasmaton channel of Spotify, Google or Apple podcasts.

Series language: Greek

Accessibility: All episodes full transcription is available for people with hearing issues here

. . .

Production: Spoovio

In collaboration with: COMM'ON, Lipasmata Park, KDVM II Keratsiniou-Drapetsonas, Municipality of Keratsini-Drapetsona

Research - Script - Narration: Elli Xypolitaki

Sound Design: Vassilis Vittas, Elli Xypolitaki

Funded by: Munistry of Culture


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