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AKTES presentation at onassis air

3 years of AKTES, 3 small communities, 3 Municipalities, 63 teenagers, 6 artists, 4 teachers

The international artistic research residency program Onassis AiR and the non-profit organization COMM'ON invited friends, colleagues and partners of AKTES (Pocket Academy for Arts) to discuss and present the project and it's development through the years, focusing on the third cycle of its implementation in 2023 in Tilos island.

AKTES partners and artists participated in the discussion:

Nefeli Myrodia (Head of Onassis AiR), Marou Chatzopoulou (Project Manager of AKTES & Co-founder of COMM'ON), Olga Kallergi (Production Manager of AKTES), Nefeli Papaioannou (Filmmaker of AKTES), Margarita Athanasiou (Guest Artist of AKTES’ 3rd cycle, Tilos), Anestis Vassilakeris (Byzantinologist, High School Teacher of Language and Literature at Tilos), Valia Fragkou (Executive Director of the Athena I. Martinos Foundation).

When: 21 September 2023

Implementation: Onassis AiR, COMM'ON

AKTES project was designed in 2019 by COMM'ON and Cultópia. It's part of COMM'ON's Small Community program. You can read more here


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