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Tools for citizens 2nd community meeting in Greece

Bringing together civil society actors from Greece in order to overview and test tools / methodologies and workshops that were created from the co-creating process in Greece from May - September 2018.

Tools for Citizens is a program built to support civil society identify assets and needs gained by action field work of civil society actors and facilitate the process of translating this knowledge into easy and accessible tools, methods and workshops that will help community groups, organizations and institutions globally to cover organizational and functional needs.

Tools for Citizens was inspired by communities in crisis. The TFC Toolbox was co-created with the input of civil society actors from Turkey in 2017 and Greece in 2018. All the tools, methods and workshops that were produced will be available online in the following months, accessible to download and use by any civil society actor from anywhere in the world.


During the last two years, we worked together with representatives from Civil Society in Turkey and Greece and co-created tools, methods and workshops, covering 15 different thematic areas. THEMATIC AREAS:

  1. Vision and Mission

  2. Strategy

  3. Roles and Responsibilities

  4. Internal Communication and Decisions

  5. Risk and Resilience

  6. Financial Model

  7. Earned Income Models

  8. Working with Funders

  9. Crowdfunding

  10. Working with Volunteers

  11. Community Engagement

  12. Knowledge and Learning

  13. Evaluative Learning

  14. Collective Impact

  15. Values

TOOLBOX content analysis:

13 predesigned workshops (linked to thematic areas)
59 method cards
46 background papers (theory models)
27 worksheets (exercises & templates)

Please check, Toolbox available in English and Turkish. In December 2018 the Toolbox will also be available in Greek

25 participating organizations from Greece

Dock, Steps, Saltsinistas (Messolonghi), Cultopía, Perpato, Challedu, Solomon, FEAST (Thessaloniki), Resilient Cities (Thessaloniki), Creative Hub (Lesvos), Design 4 Future, UrbanDig Project, European Village, Diavazo gia tous allous, Agios Efstratios Municipality, Sustainable Samothraki, Museum of Greek Children’s Art, University of the Peloponnese, ACRI, Epikentro Actionaid, Communitism, Social Dynamo, Victoria Square Project, American Embassy (edu. department), German Embassy (edu. department)

Tools for Citizens program supports civil society actors, community groups, organizations, institutions and foundations to cover organizational functional needs by providing easy and accessible tools, methods and workshops which were co-developed by Civil Society for Civil Society.

The program was developed within the cooperation of MitOst (Germany), Anadolu Kültür (Turkey) Socius (Germany), COMM’ON (Greece) and AoHAthina (Greece) with the consultancy of Laden Yurttagüler and Yörük Kurtaran (Turkey), the contribution of HIGGS (Greece) and Impact Hub Athens (Greece) and the support of Robert Bosch Stiftung (Germany).

When: 03 October 2019

Where: HIGGS, Athens


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