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growing the Tfc community in greece

Tools for Citizens program in Greece (2019) focused in building a local community of practitioners, by presenting the Toolbox and piloting workshops for diverse organizations and groups from different peripheries of the country.

Our main focus in 2019 has been : 1. To build an informal network of multipliers organizations around the country that would get familiar with the content and function of the Toolbox. These organizations will then further use the Toolbox to facilitate workshops to address the organizational and functional needs of initiatives and organizations in their local communities. 2. To pilot workshops both for multipliers but also other organizations to support them in addressing their own organizational and functional needs and test the Toolbox functionality and impact.


7 months
6 multipliers workshops
4 one to one simulation workshops
64 teams & people got introduced to the Greek Toolbox

Community Quotes:

"It was about time! There is now a perfectly structured toolbox to support the organizational and managerial development of teams and organizations! It ‘s a “trust” for today and the future of civil society. This effort should now be taken on by trainers, trainees and beneficiaries! Let s go!” Tonia Zilinaiou "Others’ perspective is always very helpful!”

Athanassia Sklirou

"It was the perfect moment for us.” Kallia Theodoraki


Tools for Citizens is a program built to support civil society identify assets and needs gained by action field work of civil society actors and facilitate the process of translating this knowledge into easy and accessible tools, methods and workshops that will help community groups, organizations and institutions globally to cover organizational and functional needs.

The program was developed within the cooperation of MitOst (Germany), Anadolu Kültür (Turkey), Socius (Germany), COMM’ON (Greece) and AoHAthina (Greece) with the consultancy of Laden Yurttagüler and Yörük Kurtaran (Turkey), the contribution of HIGGS (Greece) and Impact Hub Athens (Greece) and the support of Robert Bosch Stiftung (Germany).

*TFC was inspired by communities in crisis and its Toolbox was co-created with the input of civil society actors from Turkey in 2017 and Greece in 2018. All the tools, methods and workshops that were produced are online on the platform, accessible to download and use by any civil society actor from anywhere in the world, available in English, Greek and Turkish. As more civil society actors want to engage and support communities in their local areas, the Toolbox will be available in French, Ukrainian and Russian the following months. When: 2019

Where: Athens, Thessaloniki, Lesvos, Alexandroupoli


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