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tandem europe ii | the 12 collaborations

Presenting the 12 collaborations of Tandem Europe round II (2017-2018)

Let's meet the Tandems

1 | Bistra from Мулти култи // Multi Kulti (Sofia, Bulgaria) and Sara from CasciNet (Milan, Italy) and their Tandem “New Roots: Migrants meet communities through culture, agriculture and food”.

Their project aimed to create a multi-cultural garden and a festival in Milan, where all the diversity can coexist in a place of participation.

2| Αranka from the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for Sustainability (Delft, The Netherlands) and Maria from Villa Gillet (Lyon, France) and their Tandem “Circular Storytelling”.

Take a look on how students from a Dutch technical and a French humanities university worked together on turning abstract ideas into physical and interactive representations during the two festivals that the participants organizations organize every year.

3| Branka from Theater Project Objective Drama - POD Theater (Belgrade, Serbia) and Malou from ZID Theater (Amsterdam, Netherlands) and their Tandem “What about the future”.

Their project focused on creating a model of space and time for professional development and personal leadership, by transferring knowledge from leaders of the companies to two young members of ZID and POD theatre. They aimed to create new social models and strategies for the future.

4| Leoni from BLUESPOTS PRODUCTIONS (Augsburg, Germany) and Johanna from Disorder. (Malmö, Sweden) and their Tandem “Disborder Productions”.

Take a look and explore how the team questioned, invented, overcame, used and controlled borders by uniting the methods of art, architecture, and performance, in order to make a statement for our younger generation and for Europe. It was a long creative journey.

5| Edi from Fondacioni Gjirokastra (Gjirokastra, Albania) & Michela from Rete delle Case del Quartiere (Torino, Italy) and their Tandem “Bashkë: let’s create our spaces!”

Take a look.. and see how the word Bashkë that means “together” in Albanian can perfectly explains the core of this project that aimed at building communities together through culture!

6| Sanaz from Rosetta Arts (London, UK) and Rasha from the National Museum of World Culture (Göteborg, Sweden) and their Tandem “Mind the Gap”.

Their project is focused on exchange learning between the two organizations, build intercultural dialogue bridges and enhance the well-being of minorities by using innovative community arts methods such as digital storytelling, mindfulness and visual arts.

7| Vasilena from Panic Button Theatre (Sofia, Bulgaria) and Nerina from Echis - Incroci di suoni (Rome, Italy) and their Tandem “You can’t walk straight on a crooked road”.

Their project aimed to explore the potential of mashing up two storytelling mediums -radio and theatre- while working in community workshops, focusing on Roma Communities: Tolerance and Intolerance.

8| Lorenza from R84 Multifactory (Mantova, Italy) and Aida from Akcija Sarajevo (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina) and their Tandem “Collaboratory Mantova-Sarajevo: Introducing Multifactory to Bosnia and Herzegovina”.

Their project aims to introduce the concept of “multifactory”, a new collaborative model of work in the field of culture, developed in Mandova from R84.

9| Veronika from Urban Gorillas (Nicosia, Cyprus) and Sergio from NON Riservato (Milano, Italy) and their Tandem “PS:MiNi Network (Milano Nicosia Public Space Network”.

Take a look and explore how the team proposed a network for groups that were interested in public space and urban regeneration in Milano and Nicosia. They experiment with exchanges of practices and urban actions through physical and virtual hubs and the two participants addressed their respective municipalities for developing projects that improve the innovation capacities of their urban spaces.

Take a look and explore new forms of artistic interplay and an international perspective to engage, empower and work with communities in rural spaces!

11| Louis from Llenyddiaeth Cymru / Literature Wales (Wales, United Kingdom) and Alvaro from SOLIDARIOS PARA EL DESARROLLO (Madrid, Spain) and their Tandem “Taste of Life / Gusto por la Vida / Blas ar fywyd”.

Their project aimed to fight loneliness in older people, using cooking and storytelling as ways to engage. The started their journey by producing short stories from Madrid and Cardiff and they invite you all through their facebook page to contribute. Take a look at Taste for Life - Gusto por la Vida - Blas ar Fywyd

12| Stella from the Agios Efstratios Municipality (Agios Efstratios, Greece) and Catharina from Dominio Vale Do Mondego (Faia, Portugal) and their Tandem “Ai Statis – I Sea Art Festival”

Take a look on how a remote island experience its first international art festival with the inclusion of the local community and natural environment and by promoting its cultural and natural heritage.

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