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respectACTION | youth exchange

#respectACTION was an opportunity for youths from Greece, Italy and Serbia, coming from remote or decentralized contexts - rural, peripheral, isolated - to acquire skills through non-formal and peer learning methods in a 7 day program in Spessa, Italy.

Thematic focus:

respectACTION youth exchange focused on creating a multi-cultural experience under the thematics of European citizenship, diversity and human rights that led participants take a more open and inclusive view of reality, as opposed to discriminatory and closing logic. The project aimed in the engagement and encouragement of youths to become active citizens, especially at their local communities, but with an international outlook. Description:

respectACTION youth exchange was organized & implemented by Artemista Cultural Centre (Italy), COMM’ON (Greece) and Belgrade Centre for Human Rights (Serbia) with the support of Erasmus+ Program. In total 26 participants and 3 youth leaders from the 3 countries (Italy, Greece, Serbia) traveled to Spessa, Pavia (Italy) for a 7day youth exchange in November 2019.

The Greek participants were selected after an open call that was addressed to youths from small communities from rural areas of Greece, with a specific focus in remote or isolated island communities. In total 8 youths were selected from Agios Eustratios, Anafi, Anogia (Crete) and Kozani. The participants followed a program of customised non-formal education sessions that focused on the thematics of European citizenship and divercity/Inclution/human rights (migration/gender equality/disabilities). At the end of the exchange the participants, collectivly, created 2 short videos of their shared experience of the week, writting the script, shooting the video, etc.


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