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During our stay in Tilos in the winter of 2023 we supported the research and record process of oral history interviews around the theme of drystone building.

COMM'ON collaborated with members of the local community in Tilos to develop the Petra Tilos project. Together we formed the Petra Tilos team and developed a series of activities, events and processes in order to engage the local community around the thematic of drystone building and sustainable environmental and cultural local development.

One of the main goals of the project was the research around drystone building, its benifits, its effects on natural environment, its effect on community bonding and on cultural development.

Along with cinematographer Nefeli Papaioannou we recorded oral history narrations from 3 generations of Tilos residents that work or have worked with stone techniques.

As a result we created the first 5 mini documentaries on the theme, with the aim to create more in the future.

The 5 documentaties are:

"Drystone and Agriculture"

"Drystone and Water"

"Drystone Technique"

"Drystone and Collective Work"

"Country Life in Tilos"

People participated in the inteviews: Nikolas and Panagiotis Chatzigeorgiou, Stamatia Sakellari, Apostolis Chrisanthakis (Navaro), Nikos Sakellaris and Sevasti Chatzifouda

Interviews: Anestis Vasilakeris, Merou Chatzopoulou

Video & Editing: Nefeli Papaioannou

All documentaries available in Petra Tilos youtube channel (recorded in Greek with English subtitles)

The series is dedicated with deep appreciation to the memory of Nikolas Chatzigeorgiou.

When: November 2013 - March 2024

Where: Tilos Island

. . .

"Petra Tilos" is an initiative of a small group of people that want to engage and activate their community to collectivly learn and research the history of the dry stones constructions of Tilos Island.

The project is developed by a team of locals, with the suppost of AC Tilos, Blue Star Ferries and the Municipality of Tilos, in cooparation with COMM'ON and Tilos Youth Group (Enosi Neon Tilou).


For the period October 2023 - March 2024 the project was funded by Athina I. Martinou Foundation under Points Of Support programe, with the participation of 10 charitable organizations.


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