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cultural managers network meeting

Hosting the Biannual Meeting of Robert Bosch Kulturmanager Network in Athens

Cultural Managers Network is a collaborative professional cultural managers’ network for cultural exchange that values the diversity of its members. The network mission is to engage in art and culture for social change and advocacy in cultural policies, and to foster peer-to-peer capacity building and knowledge transfer among its members.

COMM'ON hosted, co-designed and produce the biannual meeting of the Network in Athens in July 2017

Meeting Focus:

The theme of Cultural Exchange around three core areas:

  • Advocacy in Cultural Policy (How can we advocate for progressive cultural policies?)

  • Peer-to-Peer Capacity Building (How can we as a network support each other in our learning, how can we take it from the local to the trans-local?)

  • Art & Culture for Social Change (The world is fundamentally changing, and people like us are the architects of the new world: how can this network make a difference?)

98 participants

29 collaborations with local actors / institutions in the field of culture

Hosting Focus:

Living the city has also been a key element during Robert Bosch Kulturmanager meeting in Athens..!

Local hosts walked along with the groups of Cultural Managers introducing Athens, through documenta14 venues and various civil society projects and spaces.

* Special thanks to Demetra Ignatiou, Dida Dourida, Orestis Pokes, Kosmas Nikolaou, Stephania Xydia, Loukas Bartatilas and Dimitra Mitsaki for making it possible to show the best of#Athens to all our friends who decided to come to this meeting.!!

Also a big thank you to all the spaces, businesses and organizations that hosted us, each one in their own way during these 4 days. Thank you Sousourada, Options FoodLab, Nomadic Kitchen, Leuka (Exarchia), Anadolu Mutfağı, TAF Theartfoundation, Megaron - The Athens Concert Hall.

Find out more about RBCMN:

When: 6-9 July 2017

Where: Athens, Greece


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