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new project in tilos

Petra Tilos aims to mobilize and educate the community of Tilos on the history, the environmental impact, the restoration and possible reuse of dry stone constructions found on the island.

"Petra Tilos" is an initiative of a small group of people that want to engage and activate their community to collectivly learn and research the history of the dry stones constructions of Tilos Island. The project will evolve from November 2023 till March 2024 and aims to develop 3 main activities:

  1. Research and record oral history narrations from 3 generations of Tilos residents that work or have worked with stone techniques.

  2. Design and implement a 5 day workshop "Tilos School of Dry Stone" where local participants will learn restoration techniques and restore part of an old path.

  3. Create a digital platform to present all found material and collective processes.

COMM'ON is collaborating with Petra Tilos team to co-design the community engament process and to support all participatory and collective processes along the way.

Our collaboration came as a next step to the work that we did in Tilos in 2023 with AKTES project. We are honored and excited to work in Tilos again and support the locals develop their own ideas, projects and programs.

The project is developed by Petra Tilos team, with the suppost of AC Tilos, Blue Star Ferries and the Municipality of Tilos, in cooparation with COMM'ON and Tilos Youth Group (Enosi Neon Tilou). 

The project is funded by Athina I. Martinou Foundation under Points Of Support programe, with the participation of 10 charitable organizations.


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