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COMM’ON along with Cultopia welcomed and hosted 13 MitOst members and friends from Athens at SEED.Athens, for the local Athens Satelite of the 19th MitOst-Festival.

To limit international travel, and therefore the potential spread of the COVID-19 virus, the 19th MitOst festival took place in various locations as smaller gatherings rather than as one, large international festival. These gatherings were known as Satellites and can be found in several countries around the region. Each Satellite location created and hosted it's own programme schedule, and at planned moments connected with one another for joint activities online!

On the night of the 24th September 2021 we, the Athens Satelite, connected with other locations all over Europe!

Festival's Satelites:

Berlin Satelite, Moldova Satelite, Brussels Satelite, Zemo Magharo - Kakheti Satelite (Georgia),

Kaspi Satelite (Georgia), Kobuleti Satelite (Georgia), Izmir Satelite, Thessaloniki Satelite, Athens Satelite, Alexandria Satelite, Balkans Satelite, Tirana Satelite.

More info on MitOst Festival:

MitOst e.V. is a non-profit organization based in Berlin, Germany.

It promotes cultural exchange and active citizenship in Europe and its neighbouring regions. With 1400 members in 45 different countries as well as with various partners it’s part of a dynamic European network. MitOst organizes international programs and projects and serves as a platform for new forms of social engagement and projects.

Once per year, MitOst invites its members and everyone being interested in cultural and social and civic exchange in Europe and its neighbouring regions to the International MitOst Festival, a four day international forum offering cultural activities, further trainings and networking opportunities. The International MitOst-Festival is a meeting point for all those who are interested in cultural and civic exchange in Europe and its neighbouring regions bringing together thinkers and activists, experts and newcomers. A diverse program with more than 70 events provides space for networking, learning, reflection and inspiration. Since its premier in the Hungarian city Pécs in 2003, the festival has been migrated through Europe and taken place every year in another city.


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