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facilitate ideas for civic europe

COMM'ON collaborates with Civic Europe Program (round I) as a facilitator and mentor in their Idea Challenge program that funds and mentors up to 20 ideas per year from 12 countries!

Every year, winning projects build bridges and function as bright horizons and inspiration for bringing people together in times of segregation and animosity.

How does COMM'ON support Civic Europe:

COMM'ON co-facilitate and co-mentor the 20 winning teams of Idea Challenge (2020) using the Civil Society Toolbox on the themes of Community Engagement, Collective Impact and Evaluative Learnings.

What is Civic Europe:

Civic Europe supports individuals, initiatives and civil society organizations in the regions of Central, Southern and Eastern Europe challenged by low civic literacy and a lack of civic infrastructure and aim to strengthen civic cohesion and active citizenship in their communities. We offer them mentoring and funding to implement their project ideas and to foster and promote their civic activities in the region. Civic Europe is a multi-level enabling framework that supports locally rooted organizations and projects.

Eligible countries are: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia Slovakia and Spain.

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