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engaging process for petra tilos

Petra Tilos kicked off in November 2023 in Tilos island by engaging the local community for the next steps of the project.

Engaging the local community:

Petra Tilos aims to be a collective initiative that will, in the following months, engage the community of Tilos in many more projects and activities around drystone constructions!

The project's core team kicked off Petra this November and aims to engage the youth, the 30, 40, 50+ and the elders in order to create a wider team of locals to co-create, co-design and co-develop the next steps of the project!

After the presentation of the project to the community several open meetings took place in order to brainstorm and create a vision for the future of Petra Tilos.

We, as COMM'ON, facilitated the process and supported the local team to develop it's ideas on this open and collective initiative!

When: November - December 2023

Where: Tilos Island

. . .

"Petra Tilos" is an initiative of a small group of people that want to engage and activate their community to collectivly learn and research the history of the dry stones constructions of Tilos Island.

The project is developed by a team of locals, with the suppost of AC Tilos, Blue Star Ferries and the Municipality of Tilos, in cooparation with COMM'ON and Tilos Youth Group (Enosi Neon Tilou). 

The project is funded by Athina I. Martinou Foundation under Points Of Support programe, with the participation of 10 charitable organizations.

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