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BAN Regional Coordinators meeting

The local coordinators of regional groups of Bosch Alumni Network (BAN) from peripheries of Europe met in Athens, shared and exchanged experiences from the piloting round of regional coordination, learned more about the work of the local members of the Network in Athens and co-designed the future of the Network for the next years

Thematic focus:
After 18 months of piloting local coordination processes for the local communities of alumni of Robert Bosch Stiftung programs the first meeting of coordinators from peripheries of Europe was organized in Athens and COMM’ON has been one of the local hosts.

Description: The 1st meeting of the Regional Coordinators of the Alumni of the Robert Bosch Stiftung, took place in Athens during the last weekend of November and it was locally co-hosted by the whole Network of the Alumni in Greece. 17 regional coordinators from different regions of Europe and the U.S. met in Athens, shared their experiences and challenges in coordinating the networks of alumni in their regions and co shaped proposals for the future of the Network.

The purpose of the meeting was for coordinators to meet each other and exchange experiences focusing on what worked and what didn‘t in their peripheries during this pilot phase.

Specific goals :

- To identify and harvest practices of networking in different countries and evalu- ate what worked and what didn‘t work during the piloting phase (May 2018 - December 2019). - To imagine and design the future of the their local networks and identify the structural roles that are needed to support the relative local processes. - To visit the working spaces and get inspired by the work and approaches of local members of the Network in Athens.


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