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Small Communities program that aims to support, empower, engage and connect small or/and isolated communities in rural areas of Greece.

Small Communities is an ongoing local empowerement program designed by COMM’ON focusing on the rich insight emerging from small scale peripheral communities around Greece.

The aim is to support the active civil society all around Greece by working with small municipalities and civil society actors in order to bring innovative ideas, solutions and activities into action.

As needs can be defined as the gap between what is and what should or could be, every new project of Small Communities mmm

starts by focusing on the individual needs and characteristics of each community. The aim of the program is to build strong and long-term bonds and collaborations with different local stakeholders that can insure the sustainability of our work with each community throughout the years.


*The program focuses on small communities [as they are described in the 3852/2010 law of Cleisthenes (municipality categorization)] and active groups or teams of civil society actors in the periphery of Greece.

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meeting in messolonghi

Hosting Tandem Europe’s Interim Meeting in the peripherial historic town of Messolonghi focused on the empowerment of the local civil society actors in their activities and work with the local community.